I believe everyone has beauty

Since I started capturing images with a camera, people have been my favorite subject. People share so much without even speaking. Whether it's engaging glance, a room-filling laugh, or the most subtle of smiles, we can communicate very deeply without words.
That's why I'm a photographer.

I truly enjoy interacting with people and learning about who they are. I want to capture the look in their eyes as they express feelings of joy and curiosity and sometimes even sadness. These slices of time are fleeting and I want to help preserve and share them.
That's why I'm a photographer.

I cannot draw or paint, at least not with the skill needed create a recognizable likeness of a person or thing.
That's also why I'm a photographer :).

How Does it Work

I’m not going to just take a photo. You and I will work together to create great images and you have the easy part,  just be yourself. Since you’ve been you all your life it should be pretty easy. I will take care of all the technical details and the session itself is going to be fun. I’m going to ask you to move here and there and to look this way and that. The whole time we’re going to be talking and having a great time. I want you to have so much fun during the shoot that you’ll be sad when it’s over.

What You Get

During the shoot we will stop every so often to review what we've shot so far. I want us to keep capturing images until we are comfortable that we have some great shots. Only once we've reviewed all the photos and we're certain we got some great ones we will call it a "wrap". We could end up with two great ones, or two dozen. The result usually lands somewhere in between. Either way I’ll follow up shortly with a link to your own gallery page where you can view, share, download your photos.

Not everyone likes to be in front of the camera. I’m working to change that one session at a time.

Reach us

Brandon Jackson
5133 Ander Dr
Brentwood, TN  37027
615.519.7078 (phone/text)
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