With only three HotW!'s left in 2017, Anthony R makes it into the mix with this second Headshot of the Week! for December. Anthony's shoot was part of a group shoot and I only had time to grab about eight photos with him in the short time we had. Thankfully those eight were all I needed and on the sixth shot this capture was made. A great smile combined with what Peter Hurley refers to as "the Squinch" makes for a fun and engaging image here. In fact, I find myself smiling back at this photo when I view it. That's a serious connection to the camera we have here!


With a name like Holly, it's perfect that she is the first Headshot of the Week! as we kick off December. Of course her name has nothing to do with why I chose this photo. Holly has brilliant brown eyes that draw you right in when viewing this image. Add in the great "just right amount" of smile and you have an image that shows confidence with a touch of whimsy. Great job, Holly!


Fresh off the Thanksgiving holiday I'm jumping right in to Headshot of the Week! with Emily's image. This headshot is a great example of what I'm trying to achieve with my headshot work. A great smile and engaging eyes combine to create an image that not only shows others what you look like, but also shows them "who" you are. Doesn't she look like someone that would be fun and interesting to speak with? 


My Headshot of the Week! for this Thanksgiving holiday is my friend and colleague Beena V. I was fortunate to catch Beena while she was in town for a couple of days and catch this image of her. It's not difficult to understand why I chose this shot for HotW!. Beena has a great expression and great connectivity with the viewer . Another case of the subject making my job super easy. Way to go Beena!


Keith D is Headshot of the Week! for this second week of November. This image was part of a group session at a local Nashville business and while there were a lot of friendly faces that day, this one was an easy choice for HotW!  Great smile and engagement there Keith.