This past week I had the pleasure of presenting my workshop, The Headshot - From Start to Finish, for the PPMT group at White Ave. Studios. During the workshop, Ashley Hylbert, owner of White Ave. Studio, got to sit in during the session and even volunteered to step up and get some shots done. Ashley is a photographer herself and while some photographers are more comfortable behind the camera, she also shines in front of it. Even in this impromptu shoot for the session, we got these great captures that demonstrate why I love shooting people. My goal for every shoot is for it to be fun for the client and me. I'd so the goal was clearly met this time around. Thank you Ashley for showing how enjoyable a headshot session can be!

 PPMT Wrkshp 068   PPMT Wrkshp 065


PPMT Wrkshp 074    PPMT Wrkshp 069

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As a counterpoint to the many things that tried their best to make us sad during 2016, I am sharing these images. These photos are outtakes from my headshot sessions from 2016. These shots are some of my favorite moments caught in camera while I worked with my subjects to get that "just right" amount of smile. This usually involves getting a healthy dose of laughter going and then catching that remaining fun energy as they come down from the laugh. What happens just before that is what you see below. Let's look back at 2016 and have a good laugh.

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Proof Photo Sessions are Fun!

One of the statements I like to use to market my photo services is that my sessions are fun, and I truly believe this. I know I have fun doing headshots, portraits, and even the occasional wedding (but those are hard work!). It’s an easy thing to say that these shoots are fun, but how does one prove it? The answer struck me as I was reviewing my photos from 2015, big laughs! So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorite laughing (or just plain funny) photos from my sessions.

Happy New Year everyone,


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