As we say goodbye to July, Kristen C arrives on the scene as my last Headshot of the Week for this month. Kristen 's energy and enthusiasm in this image practically jumps out of the screen. We only had time to shoot a handful of photos together but I still had hard time choosing the best one, and I nearly didn't. When I asked Kristen if I could use her photo she told me she was using this one. I had a different shot in mind but after pulling each one up full screen, I agree with her and here is that shot. Great job Kristen!



Laura S. is Headshot of the Week! for July 24, 2017. This shot comes from a recent corporate session and this image of Laura is just hypnotic. She's showing off how one really smiles from the eyes in this capture and she has the great connection to the camera that makes it hard to look away. I did my part here in getting this photo but I couldn't have done it without her which demonstrates how teamwork between photographer and subject is the key to a great headshot. Thanks Laura!



This Headshot of the Week! comes straight out of a corporate session from last week. Chelsey T. was part of a group of over 20 people that I shot over two hours. Shooting so many people in a short time does create challenges. However, since I’m not afraid to be a big goof (not a stretch for me) I have an advantage when it comes to getting those natural smiles and connection in a short time. Chelsey has a great look here and has great connection to the camera making this an easy choice for Headshot of the Week!



First off, I love this look! Chris B. is this week's Headshot of the Week! and he nailed it. He's got just that right amount of smile as he's staring right out of the screen at you. And this was the first shot of the session! Chris walked in, hit the spot and "Boom!", we were done before we even got started. We took several more but I knew this shot was going to the be the winner and likely to be a headshot of the week, which it is for this week. Awesome job, Chris! 



Fifty-six headshots in about 75 minutes! That is NOT how I prefer to work but sometimes you just have to roll with it. Despite the time crunch I found this shot of Cindy B. my favorite for the first Headshot of the Week! for July, 2017. When you have less than two minutes per person you have to be working it full on to get people loosened up and having a good time in front of your camera. Luckily I have no problem being a goof (I'm a natural) and Cindy got into the groove quick. This shot was third of the five images I had time to shoot with her before moving on to the next person. Still, I had a feeling she was going to shine when she first stepped in front of the camera, and I think that feeling was spot on. Great job Cindy!