Give it up for Melissa M, my Headshot of the Week! for May 22nd. This particular shot breaks some "rules" but sometimes you have to look past that stuff. Her expression here sold me on this shot for HotW!. Melissa was a blast to work with during the few minutes we had and you'll likely be seeing more shots of her in my "laugh" post for 2017.


The second I saw Clark through the viewfinder I knew one of his shots was going to have to be a Headshot of the Week! Sure enough, the very first photo we took ended up being the best of the bunch. The man has so much character I don't think I could've gotten a bad image out of him. Great engagement with the camera, just the right amount of smile, can't really ask for more. Great job Clark!


May is off to a great start with this second Headshot of the Week! for this month. Erica W is this week's HotW! and I'm sure you can see why. Great smile and and excellent engagement with the camera here. This shot was from a group shoot so we only had a couple of minutes together but she made this look effortless. Great job Erica!

Erica W

Say hello to Katie G, my first Headshot of the Week! for May 2017. Katie was also at my headshot workshop but she was there as an attendee, not a model. I did however ask the photographers to step in and model for each other and I'm so glad I did because Katie has some serious skillz in front of the camera as well as behind it. There were so many keepers from session that picking just one was not easy but I kept coming back to this shot and here we are. I know our other attendees got some great shots with her too (it was hard not to) so don't be surprised if you see some more shots of Katie from this day's session floating around the interwebs. Thanks so much Katie for attending the workshop and for showing us "how it's done" in front of the camera.


This Headshot of the Week! is pretty special to me as this was taken as I was teaching my first headshot workshop this past weekend. Jessica was kind enough to come and be a model for us yesterday and she did a smashing job of it. She was very patient as I talked to the attendees and during the actual time we spent shooting with her. She was a real trooper and she kept up this great energy and awesome connection to the camera from start to finish. Thanks so much Jessica for helping make this workshop a success!

Jessica S