Jessee U. is this week's Headshot of the Week! on this post-Easter Monday. Jessee is just killin' it here with this smile. A great example of not too much or too little, just right! Jessee is also demonstrating how you see the smile in the eyes, not the mouth. Hold your hand in front of your screen and cover up the space below the nose. Then try cover up the space above the nose and just see the mouth and you'll see what I mean. Way to step up and crush it Jessee!


This Headshot of the Week! has to be one of my favorite shots of the year so far. Anne C. is just "killin' it" in this recent headshot we did together. She's got such a great connection here with camera that you can't look away. Took her no time to get into the groove and we got this shot in just a couple of minutes of getting started. It's always great to see a keeper on your camera so early in a shoot. Great job Anne! 


April is off to a fun start with this great smile from Guy S. In honor of April Fool's Day, this Headshot of the Week! shows Guy just coming off a good laugh. Some might say this is a bit to "happy" for a professional headshot, but I think it depends. If you want to promote yourself as friendly and outgoing, then how can you go wrong with a shot like this? Just keep on smiling Guy! 


Andrew D. is this week's Headshot of the Week! Andrew's image came out of a group shoot last week where I had 35 people to shoot in less than 90 minutes. It's tough to get great shots with only 2 to 3 minutes per person but then here's Andrew just stepping in and crushing it! This shot is easily one of my favorites from the day and has earned its spot as Headshot of the Week!


Say hello to Janet T. this week's Headshot of the Week! Janet was a last minute addition to a group headshot shoot I was doing so neither one of us expected to meet each other and create this image. I think it worked out pretty well if I may say so myself. Janet was great to work with and I even though I always want to have time to work with subjects, we pulled this one off. Thanks Janet :)