Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone. I hope everyone has had as great a holiday as we have. Something I am very thankful for is yet another image to share for Headshot of the Week! which shows off my my friend Liz and how wonderful she is in front of the camera. This week's HotW! diverges from my usual studio setup and instead we took the action outside. Now I don't normally shoot headshots outside, but when I do, this is what you get! I have Liz to thank for it as it was her idea to do this session outdoors which we ended up shooting at On Track Studios in Franklin. There were a lot of really great shots that came out of this session but this one really stood out for me. Thank you Liz!


This photo for Headshot of the Week! was along time coming. I've known Lori for somewhere around 15 years and recently had the chance to get her in front of the camera for a headshot. This was done as part of a half day of headshots I did for a group that she is a member of so as usual, I only had a few minutes with my subjects. Despite the short time, Lori "brought it on" in full. This shot was just one of several that I had a hard time choosing between for this week's HotW!


Say hello to Kelvin P, this week's Headshot of the Week! Kelvin's shot came from the shoot I did for the local IIBA meeting here in Franklin recently. There were a lot of great shots that came out of that half day of shooting and Kelvin's photos easily stood out as some of the best of the day. He has a great connection with camera and his expression is an excellent blend of confidence and friendliness. You see this photo and you just feel like you want to talk with him and learn more about this guy. Easy pick for this week's HotW! Awesome job Kelvin! 

iiba 0233 1

This week's Headshot of the Week! was as special treat for me. My friend Lynn Yates needed headshots this past weekend and I told to her to bring it on! Lynn is always fantastic in front of the camera (she's an actor by the way) so any chance I can get to shoot with her I will take it. This shot was one of several great captures we got during our session. It wasn't easy to pick just one!

LynnYates 0156

Carrying us out of October is Christine E. with this week's Headshot of the Week. I usually have a few words to say about each HotW! but I don't know that this photo needs any preamble, I mean just look at her :). Christine was attending and event where I was shooting headshots for a large group. I didn't get much time with her but there was no need. After just a few shots she just crushed it with this look. Easy pick for this week's HotW!

Christine Estes JPEG 0007