Kristen D is our Headshot of the Week! for our second HotW! of 2017. Kristen was so much fun to work with and I think you can tell that she had a great time as well. That smile is fantastic and her eyes are just brilliant in this shot. Her look here is very engaging and holds the viewer's attention the moment you glance at her. Way to go Kristen!



Say hello to Jennifer F, this week's Headhot of the Week!. Jennifer's headshot was one of those that was easy to see why it was picked for HotW! as soon as I started reviewing her images. She got in front of the camera and just crushed it with this look! 2017 is shaping up to be an even better year than 2016 for killer headshots if I keep getting images like this.


Another year has just flown by and I know we're all wondering where this new year will take us. You can rely on one thing though. Headshot of the Week! will continue on. This first HotW! of 2017 is Brad D. Bringing the perfect amount of smile to this professional/business headshot, Brad made this image an easy pick for Headshot of the Week. Notice how his smile is coming from his eyes in this shot? That's how you do it!BradD

Just in time for one more Headshot of the Week! for 2016 come Maurick A. Just check out that smile! Any doubts about why I picked his photo?? Nope, me neither. Just looking at shot and you know that you want to hang out with this guy. He's got a great combination of friendliness and warmth with just a hint of mischief. Way to bring it for our last HotW! of 2016 Maurick.


So now for something completely different. This special holiday edition of Headshot of the Week! comes straight from the Nashville Zoo. I've lived most of my life in Nashville but until today I'd never visited our zoo. While I was there I met this handsome fellow I'm going to call Rooney. Rooney was hanging with his fellow marsupials where I was taking photos today and after reviewing the shots this evening he was the standout. Sure, all the kangaroos are cute, but Rooney here has such a wise and soulful look on his fuzzy face, I knew he was my favorite of the day, and more importantly of course, that he had to be Headshot of the Week! for this holiday weekend. Here's lookin' at you, Roo. 

roo shot