This Headshot of the Week! shows some of the best subject/camera engagement I've had the privilege of capturing. Jessica's brilliant eyes just follow you around no matter the angle at which you view this image. I'd like to take all the credit here but, as I often tell my clients, headshots are a team effort and Jessica truly brought her "A-game" during this shoot. Way to bring it, Jessica!


I often have clients ask me if they should wear their glasses or not. My opinion is that if you wear your glasses often, you should wear them in your headshot. Some photographers worry about glare and reflections from glasses but I've rarely run into issues with it. My lighting setup seems handle eyeglasses without issue as Shirley is demonstrating here. You also get to see her sense of style come through in her choice of frames, which are pretty cool. If anything the eyeglasses here augment this image of someone who is already has a great look and wonderful engagement with the camera. 


When you've got it, you've got it and I'm thinking David here has "got it". It only took a few photos into our session to get this look. I still shot more of him but I was sure I'd already captured the winner at this point. David brings just the right amount of friendly and confident that I'm always looking to capture in my professional headshots. Way to crush it, David!


Sometimes I get a client who is just ready to bring "it" to the shoot. Patricia, this week's Headshot of the Week!, did exactly that. She was so fun to work with that you can see a laugh about to break out of her smile in this photo. That's part of what I like about this one. You see this shot and think,"What'd I just miss?". I think this shot is a perfect example of how a great headshot can show people who you are, not just what you look like.


Diane S is this week's Headshot of the Week! and she just shines here. This capture is another from a group session where I had about twenty people to shoot over about 90 minutes. This was the second image we took together, and even though we took more, this one really stands out. It was the obvious choice for this week's HotW!. Great job Diane! It was a pleasure to create this image with you.