Now that we're back from our safari trip in South Africa, it's time to get Headshot of the Week! back in gear. Kicking things off for us is Laura S, this week's HotW! and I think it is plain to see why. Great engagement in the eyes and just the right amount of smile is the recipe for a great headshot. Sure, lighting and correct exposure help, but all the technical details don't matter if your headshot photo doesn't present the person you are. Laura's friendly and outgoing personality really shines here. Great job Laura!


I usually like to work in the studio when taking headshots but sometimes circumstances require flexibility. Such is the case with this Headshot of the Week! for the the last week in August. This young male had recently been in quite a scrape with another as you can see on his face. This morning we found him taking it easy near a watering hole on our first morning drive since arriving in Sabi Sabi. Like my other choices for HotW! our friend here has a great connection to the camera and tons of personality come through in this shot. I hope he gets to feeling better as he was quite a treat for us to get to see him and photograph him.

Safari Day2 am BJ 253

I have to say, I have some really beautiful friends. Want proof? Look no further than this Headshot of the Week! Sandy and I got together yesterday to shoot some new headshots for her and trying to choose one to select as the best is a tough job when she's in the photo. It was tough but after a lot of reviewing I kept coming back to this one. She really brings it all together in this shot with that awesome smile, beautiful eyes, and not to mention that hair! I love it when it's difficult to choose a shot because they all look so good. Thanks Sandy!


Sometimes you get that subject who makes every shot look like fun (it was). Blaine B, shown here, is a great example of this and an easy choice for Headshot of the Week!. Looking back at the other shots from his short time in front of the camera (we only had a few minutes) and you see this genuine and engaged smile in nearly every image. I love it when subjects are already in a great mood by they time they step under the lights. Great job Blaine!


August is here and our first Headshot of the Week! is Brittany M. This image comes from a shoot this past Friday and it's easy to see why I chose this shot. Brittany was great fun to work with in the short time we had (27 subjects in 3 hours) but she showed up ready. That smile is lovely and she has excellent engagement with the camera. Great job Brittany!