The hits keep on rolling with this second Headshot of the Week! for 2018. Camille has such a great smile and engaging eyes I knew that she'd be a candidate for headshot of the week after the first click of the shutter. I love this shot but it's going to set the bar pretty high for HotW!'s that will follow for the next 50 weeks. Great job, Camille!


Welcome to 2018 and my first Headshot of the Week! for the new year. Kicking this year in gear is Dwight W and I think it’s obvious why he’s perfect pick for this week. Dwight’s shot is part of a group shoot I did recently and was a great sport while I spent half a day at the location. He happened to be sitting where I was doing group shots early on and I was all in his way during that part of session. When Dwight showed up later for his photos he really brought his “A” game and this is just one of several great shots he and I got during his session. Great job, Dwight!dwight

For the last Headshot of the Week! for 2017 I'm thrilled to present Nina. She and I have known each other for years and this isn't the first time she's been in front of my camera, but this recent headshot is one of my favorites of her. It breaks the "rules" a bit compared to how I normally compose headshots and yet Nina makes it work. Even with the bit of "sideways" glance she has going on, she's entirely engaged with the camera. The best part is that subtle smile that looks just a little mischievous from here :). I have a saying on my website that reads" a good headshot will show people what you look like, a great headshot will show people who you are". I'd say this capture with Nina is "mission accomplished!". Thanks Nina!


Say hello to Carlene, my Headshot of the Week! for December 18th and the second-to-last HotW! for 2017. Carlene's got such a great smile here and she proves that glasses can look great in headshots. Here eyes just shine here through those glasses and her overall look mixes professional and approachable in the best way. Way to go, Carlene!


With only three HotW!'s left in 2017, Anthony R makes it into the mix with this second Headshot of the Week! for December. Anthony's shoot was part of a group shoot and I only had time to grab about eight photos with him in the short time we had. Thankfully those eight were all I needed and on the sixth shot this capture was made. A great smile combined with what Peter Hurley refers to as "the Squinch" makes for a fun and engaging image here. In fact, I find myself smiling back at this photo when I view it. That's a serious connection to the camera we have here!