Sometimes you get that subject who makes every shot look like fun (it was). Blaine B, shown here, is a great example of this and an easy choice for Headshot of the Week!. Looking back at the other shots from his short time in front of the camera (we only had a few minutes) and you see this genuine and engaged smile in nearly every image. I love it when subjects are already in a great mood by they time they step under the lights. Great job Blaine!


This past week I had the pleasure of presenting my workshop, The Headshot - From Start to Finish, for the PPMT group at White Ave. Studios. During the workshop, Ashley Hylbert, owner of White Ave. Studio, got to sit in during the session and even volunteered to step up and get some shots done. Ashley is a photographer herself and while some photographers are more comfortable behind the camera, she also shines in front of it. Even in this impromptu shoot for the session, we got these great captures that demonstrate why I love shooting people. My goal for every shoot is for it to be fun for the client and me. I'd so the goal was clearly met this time around. Thank you Ashley for showing how enjoyable a headshot session can be!

 PPMT Wrkshp 068   PPMT Wrkshp 065


PPMT Wrkshp 074    PPMT Wrkshp 069

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August is here and our first Headshot of the Week! is Brittany M. This image comes from a shoot this past Friday and it's easy to see why I chose this shot. Brittany was great fun to work with in the short time we had (27 subjects in 3 hours) but she showed up ready. That smile is lovely and she has excellent engagement with the camera. Great job Brittany!


As we say goodbye to July, Kristen C arrives on the scene as my last Headshot of the Week for this month. Kristen 's energy and enthusiasm in this image practically jumps out of the screen. We only had time to shoot a handful of photos together but I still had hard time choosing the best one, and I nearly didn't. When I asked Kristen if I could use her photo she told me she was using this one. I had a different shot in mind but after pulling each one up full screen, I agree with her and here is that shot. Great job Kristen!



Laura S. is Headshot of the Week! for July 24, 2017. This shot comes from a recent corporate session and this image of Laura is just hypnotic. She's showing off how one really smiles from the eyes in this capture and she has the great connection to the camera that makes it hard to look away. I did my part here in getting this photo but I couldn't have done it without her which demonstrates how teamwork between photographer and subject is the key to a great headshot. Thanks Laura!