Diane S is this week's Headshot of the Week! and she just shines here. This capture is another from a group session where I had about twenty people to shoot over about 90 minutes. This was the second image we took together, and even though we took more, this one really stands out. It was the obvious choice for this week's HotW!. Great job Diane! It was a pleasure to create this image with you.


October is here and along with it is my first Headshot of the Week! for the month. Sometimes you just "click" instantly with that person in front of the camera and Jillian is one of those people. Often group headshots can be a challenge as I may only have a few (or couple of) minutes with my subjects but Jillian showed up and quickly owned that space under the lights. Easy pick for HotW! this time around. Awesome job, Jillian!


Do I even need to provide details about why Sonaja is this week's Headshot of the Week!??? She is just "killing it" in this shot! She looks professional, friendly, and engaged. All that in just the third image I captured. It's funny but each week I wonder if I'm going to have another shot to keep "the bar" nice and high but Sonaja appears to have raised that bar even higher!


Stephanie K. is our Headshot of the Week! for September 18th, 2017 and this was an easy one. Stephanie has to have one of the best headshot smiles I've seen. Add to that the excellent engagement she has with the camera and you have the makings for an easy pick for Headshot of the Week! It was a pleasure working with you Stephanie!


Now that we're back from our safari trip in South Africa, it's time to get Headshot of the Week! back in gear. Kicking things off for us is Laura S, this week's HotW! and I think it is plain to see why. Great engagement in the eyes and just the right amount of smile is the recipe for a great headshot. Sure, lighting and correct exposure help, but all the technical details don't matter if your headshot photo doesn't present the person you are. Laura's friendly and outgoing personality really shines here. Great job Laura!