Headshot of the Week!
I present to you Woody.This dashing pug belonged to my friend Rita Casey and unfortunately "Wood" is no longer with us. He was great in front of the camera and was always "himself". He may be gone but not forgotten.

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imageresizeI was asked recently by the editor of a website I write for to please make sure the images I send him are saved at 72 DPI. As soon as I saw this I thought "uh-oh, here we go..". I politely agreed to make the change to the setting (it's easy enough) but asked what the reasoning behind this would be. I had a pretty good idea what the response would be, but I wanted to make sure. A few minutes later I received the response that I feared. He said it would help the images load faster when viewed on the web site. 

I was correct in my guess. The editor was under the impression that a reduced DPI setting would decrease the image file size which in turn would facilitate faster loading times for images from his web site. This is not an uncommon misconception but one I felt I would like to clarify. This editor is intelligent and a great guy to work with so I wanted to help him understand. This setting would not affect the images in the way he thought they would and while it would not harm anything being set differently, it adds an extra step in his workflow at times that he doesn't have to take. 

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