KatieG 0109I've been shooting a lot of headshots lately and while I love this work I've been wanting to break out into some other areas of portraiture. One of my favorite styles is that of the classic Hollywood portrait from the 1930's and 40's. Images from this period combined high the contrast of strong, direct light with a softness and glow that gave the subject a larger than life appearance. The look also was also a product of the film stock of the day along with dodging and burning in the darkroom.

Yesterday I took the plunge into this style with help of the amazing Katie Galaz. Lighting and post processing is only part of the recipe. You have to have a model who knows how to work the camera with her face, hands, and posture. This is Katie's wheelhouse and the resulting images from yesterday's shoot speak for themselves. The lights are modern Godox strobes behind a gridded 22" beauty dish and an 8" grid with some tight barndoors to create the powerful and focused lighting. A large flag using black foam core board was put to use to help augment the falloff and enhances the "mood" of these photos.

Once processed to grayscale in Camera Raw, where the lightness of the reds was dropped in the grayscale mix to make the lips dark and glossy, the images were taken in to Photoshop and treated to two separate layers of softening and glow. These layers were in turn drawn in (or out) by hand on a mask to "paint" light to taste. All these techniques would have been wasted without the fantastic model work of Katie. Below are just a couple of shots from the session and you can see more by clicking here.

KatieG 00202017 02782017 0269


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May is off to a great start with this second Headshot of the Week! for this month. Erica W is this week's HotW! and I'm sure you can see why. Great smile and and excellent engagement with the camera here. This shot was from a group shoot so we only had a couple of minutes together but she made this look effortless. Great job Erica!

Erica W

Headshot photography can be one of the easiest and also most difficult type of image to capture.

Lighting and camera setup can be relatively simple and straightforward making it easy to create pleasing and repeatable lighting. The difficult part can be getting the right look from your subject. There are plenty of cheesy smiles and wide open eyes to go around and that's what I work to avoid in my shots. In my Headshot from Start to Finish workshops I cover my lighting and camera setup but that is only the beginning. I also go over use of tethering as a tool to work with the client as a team rather than simply as the object being photographed. 

Building a rapport can take time but we don't always have a lot ot time. Getting comfortable with a client quickly and keeping the mood fun can make the difference between a good headshot and a great one. In this workshop I will go over my headshot photography process from setup to post processing and everything in between. 

juanitaSThis will include:
- Lighting setup
- Tethered shooting setup
- Working with your subject
- Capturing images (shooting!)
- Reviewing your images
- Post processing


New sessions will be scheduled soon for 2018. Please send me an email to be informed when I have new sessions set up.

These sessions will be interactive and participants will have the chance to shoot with our models (and/or their fellow participants) during the session. I encourage attendees to bring their cameras along but recommend shooting with my camera as it will be tethered already.

Tethering is an important part of my workflow for headshots so this is why I recommend we use my camera so we don't have to worry about setting up everyone's cameras separately.

If you have any questions please reach out to me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can call or text to 615.519.7078.

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Say hello to Katie G, my first Headshot of the Week! for May 2017. Katie was also at my headshot workshop but she was there as an attendee, not a model. I did however ask the photographers to step in and model for each other and I'm so glad I did because Katie has some serious skillz in front of the camera as well as behind it. There were so many keepers from session that picking just one was not easy but I kept coming back to this shot and here we are. I know our other attendees got some great shots with her too (it was hard not to) so don't be surprised if you see some more shots of Katie from this day's session floating around the interwebs. Thanks so much Katie for attending the workshop and for showing us "how it's done" in front of the camera.


This Headshot of the Week! is pretty special to me as this was taken as I was teaching my first headshot workshop this past weekend. Jessica was kind enough to come and be a model for us yesterday and she did a smashing job of it. She was very patient as I talked to the attendees and during the actual time we spent shooting with her. She was a real trooper and she kept up this great energy and awesome connection to the camera from start to finish. Thanks so much Jessica for helping make this workshop a success!

Jessica S