This Headshot of the Week! is straight out of my Headshot Workshop yesterday at OnTrack Studios in Franklin. This week's shot is of my lovely friend, Stacey K, who came out for the afternoon with her husband to model for us during the workshop. Stacey did a great job in front of the camera but at the same time she made it way too easy to get great shots. Stacey has an amazing connection with the camera here and this shot was an easy pick for this week's pick.



This week's Headshot of the Week! is of Jordan K. Jordan was part of a group shoot from a few days ago and his shots just jump right out at you. Perfect balance of smile and confidence here making this shot an easy choice for HotW! for this last week of May, 2017.



Give it up for Melissa M, my Headshot of the Week! for May 22nd. This particular shot breaks some "rules" but sometimes you have to look past that stuff. Her expression here sold me on this shot for HotW!. Melissa was a blast to work with during the few minutes we had and you'll likely be seeing more shots of her in my "laugh" post for 2017.


The second I saw Clark through the viewfinder I knew one of his shots was going to have to be a Headshot of the Week! Sure enough, the very first photo we took ended up being the best of the bunch. The man has so much character I don't think I could've gotten a bad image out of him. Great engagement with the camera, just the right amount of smile, can't really ask for more. Great job Clark!


KatieG 0109I've been shooting a lot of headshots lately and while I love this work I've been wanting to break out into some other areas of portraiture. One of my favorite styles is that of the classic Hollywood portrait from the 1930's and 40's. Images from this period combined high the contrast of strong, direct light with a softness and glow that gave the subject a larger than life appearance. The look also was also a product of the film stock of the day along with dodging and burning in the darkroom.

Yesterday I took the plunge into this style with help of the amazing Katie Galaz. Lighting and post processing is only part of the recipe. You have to have a model who knows how to work the camera with her face, hands, and posture. This is Katie's wheelhouse and the resulting images from yesterday's shoot speak for themselves. The lights are modern Godox strobes behind a gridded 22" beauty dish and an 8" grid with some tight barndoors to create the powerful and focused lighting. A large flag using black foam core board was put to use to help augment the falloff and enhances the "mood" of these photos.

Once processed to grayscale in Camera Raw, where the lightness of the reds was dropped in the grayscale mix to make the lips dark and glossy, the images were taken in to Photoshop and treated to two separate layers of softening and glow. These layers were in turn drawn in (or out) by hand on a mask to "paint" light to taste. All these techniques would have been wasted without the fantastic model work of Katie. Below are just a couple of shots from the session and you can see more by clicking here.

KatieG 00202017 02782017 0269


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