So now for something completely different. This special holiday edition of Headshot of the Week! comes straight from the Nashville Zoo. I've lived most of my life in Nashville but until today I'd never visited our zoo. While I was there I met this handsome fellow I'm going to call Rooney. Rooney was hanging with his fellow marsupials where I was taking photos today and after reviewing the shots this evening he was the standout. Sure, all the kangaroos are cute, but Rooney here has such a wise and soulful look on his fuzzy face, I knew he was my favorite of the day, and more importantly of course, that he had to be Headshot of the Week! for this holiday weekend. Here's lookin' at you, Roo. 

roo shot

Only three weeks left for Headshot of the Week! for 2016 and sliding into this week's spotlight is Kupe K. I shot with Kupe during a session for a local group of professionals and only had a few minutes to get Kupe's photo. I had nothing to worry about though as Kupe came ready to "bring it". I shot Kupe with glasses and without during our few minutes and I think the glasses worked very well with his face. That helped me choose from this from his photos. Even after filtering for just the glasses pictures we still had several others that looked so similar (he was a good subject!) that I still had to work find the "best", and here it is. Thanks Kupe!


Jessica K. is our Headshot of the Week for this second week of a (chilly) December. I had the pleasure of getting a quick session with Jessica this week while I was shooting some headshots for a team located in her same building. This headshot shows that smiling involves a lot more than just bringing up the corners of your mouth. You can see Jessica smiling from her eyes and she makes a strong connection to the viewer as soon as you glance at the photo. While I did my part in capturing the image, Jessica made this shot a winner making it an easy pick for Headshot of the Week!


For our first Headshot of the Week! for December 2016, we go back to the studio. This week's shot is of Amy A. This is part of a group of that I shot recently in Brentwood and while there are several shots from that day that I'm pleased with, Amy's energy and great smile made this one an easy pick for week's HotW!


I’ve been doing a lot of headshots this year and I often have to do a few things to a lot of images over and over. Mostly it involves culling through images, making a few tweaks in Camera Raw, and then bringing the shots into Photoshop for the final post work. This involves a lot of clicking and dragging of on screen sliders as well as some keyboard shortcuts that are less than ideal at times for speed. Enter the ShuttleExpress.

ShuttleXpress Black 72dpiThe ShuttleXpress is a small round controller that looks like a small flying saucer has landed on your desk. In the center is a spinning dial or “jog wheel” and it is surrounded by a rubberized “shuttle wheel”. Across the top half of the circular controller are five buttons. At the top of the base (at the 12 o'clock position) is a 20 inch (51cm) usb cable.

The central dial has a small indentation that lets one spin the dial with just a fingertip. This dial has no stopping point and will spin either direction endlessly as long as it is turned. The shuttle wheel that surrounds this dial is spring loaded and provides increased resistance as it is turned further to either side. It does not spin around entirely and snaps back into its original position when released.

These types of jog/shuttle arrangements are quite common on video editing control surfaces with the wheels providing playback control of the video footage. They work equally well for audio transport controls and the ShuttleXpress software comes with configurations already set up for many audio and video editing applications. 

Of course my primary use would be for Adobe Bridge / Camera Raw / Photoshop so I wanted to see what how this could integrate into the applications and hopefully improve my efficiency. Let's see how that worked out.

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