For our first HotW! of the week for June we have Matt G. Matt is a participant in one of development programs and I had the opportunity to shoot his headshot (among others) as part of their time here in Nashville. I was asking for that "shoot lasers from your eyes at me" look and he didn't disappoint. Great job there Matt!


Lea L. is this week's HotW! Lea made this week's choice easy. When you get in front of the camera and can just turn it up to 11 like this it makes my part so easy. Just the write amount of smile, great connection with the eyes... makes it difficult to look away. Easily worthy of Headshot of the Week!


This week's HotW! is ripped right out of my session earlier this week where I shot 37 people in 65 minutes. Out of these shots I got one of my new favorites and Headshot of the Week! thanks to Jennifer S. There was very little time and I was really hustling to get everyone in front of the camera so when Jennifer showed up and gave me this look, I knew I had my shot of the day and week right there. Awesome job Jennifer!


Super fast headshot shoot yesterday for work. 37 headshots in 65 minutes!


This week's HotW! is of Justin F. I had never met Justin before this shoot and didn't know what to expect. Turns out I had nothing to worry about as he came in and delivered "the look". Perfect "squinch" in the eyes, not too much smile, just totally solid! Awesome job Justin!