psEver since Adobe started offering up their Creative Cloud option for accessing their suite of applications I have been a full-on member. Many people were put off by the idea of the "cloud" versus having their own licensed copy sitting on a DVD in their desk drawer. Plus there were many misconceptions about how the new apps worked. Did they run off of the cloud? Would you not be able to use the applications unless you were connected to the internet? Are aliens going to read my mind through my Photoshop interface?

None of this was true. So yes, the CC apps would need to check with the Adobe servers every so often to validate you had a subscription but other than that they ran natively on your local machine just like the previous ones. They also updated themselves when needed, offered an online workspace for you to store your files, and also let you install two copies of the applications just like the old install from DVD option did.

All of this appealed to me and for $50.00 a month, I now had access to the whole suite of applications. No longer did I just have the latest Photoshop with a 4 year old version of InDesign or Premiere installed next to it. Everything was the current version and I didn't have to lay down hundreds (or more) of dollars in a lumps sum to get everything I needed. Very cool, for me anyway.

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Reaching back into the archives today to re-process and post a shot of one of my favorite subjects, Malea. This was shot as part of a half day shoot at the Marathon building back in 2011. Malea is always so much fun to work with and she is kind of a chameleon. In one afternoon she looked like three completely different people. 

Malea 092411 125

July must be "ginger" month as our third HotW! for July is our second red-head this month. Katrina C is a relatively new addition to our team here at work and she's also a fellow motorcycle rider. Being that she is a recent addition here I of course hit her up for getting a new headshot done. I wasn't surprised that one of her shots would make Headshot of the week so here she is.


This week's HotW! is a real treat for me, Ann H. It was actually very difficult for me to pick the right shot this week. Not that it was hard to choose Ann, but simply because she looks so great in every photo I captured. I've noticed at past work events where I've taken photos for our team that Ann always shines when she's in the frame. It's no surprise then, that when the focus is all on her, photos like this happen. :) 

Thank you Ann!!


This week our HotW! is Ashton J. Over this summer Ashton is interning with us here at the offices in Cool Springs and I got to shoot this shot for her as part of a session I opened up for our staff here. I'm really glad she stopped by as this is easily one of of my favorite shots from the session. I haven't worked with Ashton much but when I see her around she always has a big smile which is great to see and in fact most of my photos of her had that big smile in place. I had to get a few images before I grabbed this one of her with that "just right" medium smile I'm usually shooting for. Thanks so much Ashton.