Carrying us out of October is Christine E. with this week's Headshot of the Week. I usually have a few words to say about each HotW! but I don't know that this photo needs any preamble, I mean just look at her :). Christine was attending and event where I was shooting headshots for a large group. I didn't get much time with her but there was no need. After just a few shots she just crushed it with this look. Easy pick for this week's HotW!

Christine Estes JPEG 0007

Headshot of the Week this week is back on time and with good reason. I recently had the opportunity to shoot headshots for the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysts) during their recent meeting at the Spark Center in Cool Springs. During the day I shot seventy headshots so I had plenty to choose from for this week's image. Of course wouldn't you know that one of my favorites from the day (there are several) was the very first subject I shot, Josh R. Josh was onsite working one of the vendor booths and as such he was able to get in early before the crowd started lining up. Not only did he do a great job as s test subject as I finished setting up but he simply crushed it with a great smile and engaging eyes. It was a great way to start the day of shooting. Thanks so much Josh!


Yes, this Headshot of the Week! is a bit late, and now it's next week. My apologies but I wanted to confirm with the subject that it was OK for me to use her image before I posted and I waited too late in the week to reach out :). With out further ado, Solvig G (pronounced sol vay) is this week's, or lats week's really, Headshot of the Week! I held out to get Solvig's shot in here instead of just using another because she has such a warm and genuine smile. It was worth making this post late in order to use her photo. Thanks Solvig!


Our first HotW! for October of 2016 is Diane R. Diane and I work in the same team here at HCA and after months of attempts, I finally managed to get her in front of my camera for an new headshot. I believe she was concerned she wouldn't photograph well, like most of us (including myself) but I had a feeling she would shine and the results speak for themselves. I only had a few minutes with Diane to get this shot but she stepped up and "owned it". Awesome job Diane!


Although Courtenay is not an unfamiliar face in my body of work, this is the first time she has been Headshot of the Week!. It's been a long time coming but she's here. Courtenay has been in front of my camera a lot over the past couple of years and I love it working with her because she has such a great time. If the subject is having fun how can you go wrong?!