Brittney S is this week's Headshot of the Week. Brittney and I shot this yesterday morning as part of a group of one of our departments here at HCA. This shot was an easy choice despite the several great subjects I had yesterday to work with. She just hit her mark and owned that space in the studio. Thanks Brittney for giving me this great shot for HotW! this week!


Say hello to Ally H, this week's HotW!

This is my second time shooting with Ally. I shot with her earlier this year but I was never quite happy with the images I got (my fault, not hers). So when we had the chance to shoot again recently I was very happy to do so. I knew I could get some great shots with her and I think the proof is in the pixels. I only had time to grab about a dozen photos this time around but it was all I needed to get this image. As usual I will take credit for pushing the button but the face in front of the camera is what makes it work :) Great job Ally!


8070006Just wanted to post a little behind the scenes action for an upcoming tire review. Let’s face it, photos of tires can be boring, but they don’t have to be. Here’s a few shots and a “behind the scenes” photo demonstrating how glamorous  shooting tire photos can be.

I not only wanted to create a bit more drama than the typical “here’s the tread” and “here’s the sidewall” photos so time to rethink the “Tire” photo. One way to add drama to in image is to tighten up your shot on just certain features, like this shot at the right.

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Coming at you in the first week of August is is one of my favorite new shots. Mary B has got "the look" down here with that just right amount of smile, engaging eyes, and just a little attitude coming through in this shot. Knew she was destined to be at HotW! when she first got in front of the camera and she didn't disappoint. Awesome job Mary.


scrubbysliderOver the past year or so I have noticed an issue with using scrubby sliders when using Wacom pens in Windows 10. Trying to drag a scrubby slider will result in the pointer snapping back where it started depending on how much you move the scrubby slider. This behavior is very annoying and causes one to switch to the mouse or type in the values needed. Either way it slows down the workflow when using a pen.

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