This week's HotW! is of Justin F. I had never met Justin before this shoot and didn't know what to expect. Turns out I had nothing to worry about as he came in and delivered "the look". Perfect "squinch" in the eyes, not too much smile, just totally solid! Awesome job Justin!


Stephanie S. is this week's HotW! and was an incredibly easy decision to make. Stephanie has to be one of my favorite subjects of late. We only had a few minutes (three actually!) but she was apparently ready to throw some serious attitude at the camera when she showed up.
There were several photos of her with a nice broad smile but this shot of her coming down from a laugh just makes one stop and look. I usually ask my subjects to unleash their inner "rockstar" but never even had to ask here. Great job Stephanie!!


Ok, so I don't normally shoot weddings, but when I do, this happens...


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Proof Photo Sessions are Fun!

One of the statements I like to use to market my photo services is that my sessions are fun, and I truly believe this. I know I have fun doing headshots, portraits, and even the occasional wedding (but those are hard work!). It’s an easy thing to say that these shoots are fun, but how does one prove it? The answer struck me as I was reviewing my photos from 2015, big laughs! So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorite laughing (or just plain funny) photos from my sessions.

Happy New Year everyone,


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HeadShots 05This Sunday, Dec 13th, I will be running a promotion with my friends over at Eskew Studios where I am offering "mini" headshot sessions for just $40.00 a pop. These sessions will be short, 15 minute blocks of pure headshot work. Since time will be short and space limited, I'm going to ask that clients show up ready to jump in front of the camera. This shouldn't be an issue and I've done sessions for groups with only a few minutes with each client, but I still want to get the most time I can with each subject.

If you are interested in getting some headshots done at this crazy low price (had to say it) just click here to fill out a registration form and I'll be in touch to confirm the time with you. 

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